Vehicle Replacement Program

You will love your new vehicle from Brampton Auto Mart. In fact, we are so certain this is the vehicle for you that we will stand behind it with a 5 Day/ 250km Vehicle Replacement Program.

Eligibility: Unless indicated by the Dealer, all vehicle being sold with an Ontario Safety Standards Certificate are eligible for the program for 5 calendar days or 250km from the date of delivery, whichever comes first. Vehicles sold AS IS are not eligible for this Program.

The vehicle being replaced must be:

  • Still owned by the original purchaser as per the Bill of Sale.
  • For personal use only; vehicles used for delivery, daily rental, taxi or ridesharing (UBER, Lyft etc.), emergency services or commercial use are not eligible for exchange.
  • Not have been serviced or modified by anyone other than the selling dealer.
  • Be inspected by the selling dealer. If the vehicle has less than $300 of damage since delivery that amount will be deducted from the original pre-tax purchase price of the vehicle being replaced. Vehicles with more than $300 of damage since delivery are not eligible for replacement.
  • The purchaser has not exchanged any other vehicle with Brampton Auto Mart in the last 12 month

The following conditions will apply:

  • Replacement vehicles must be equal or greater value to the original vehicle. If the replacement vehicle price is higher than the original, then the customer will pay the difference.
  • The replacement program may be subject to bank finance approval if the customer financed the original vehicle, or wishes to finance the replacement vehicle.
  • The customer is responsible for any transfer fees on Warranties or Aftermarket Products. Additionally, if the customer purchased non-transferrable items, such as chemical rustproofing or tinted windows, then these items will remain with the original vehicle and customer will not receive any credit for them.